Role: Project Coordinator/Principal Investigator

IMG_3122Crafting design concepts and design methods that connect well with the everyday, cultural, social, material and institutional practices of museum professionals is a complex endeavor. To design for people to share their practices of making requires to let them try it out. We established an experimental zone as part of a longitudinal design approach at Norwegian Maritime Museum 2011-2012. The project was related to the reconstruction of one of the 15 boats from the renaissance, excavated in Oslo city in 2009. In the experimental zone museum professionals explore social media to create new communicational forms and relations to their audiences in practical ways and as part of the ongoing reconstruction in the boatlab. This co-design process was also a process of social innovation and becoming, and points to spatial and temporal experiences as an important part of co-design processes. The experimental zone at Maritime Museum included use of blogs, Facebook, video-projections of documentation from the excavation.

Publications from the project:

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