Gokstadboat website 2004-2008

Role: lead design researcher


Ole Smørdal, EngageLab, UiO

Idunn Sem, EngageLab, UiO

Financed by MULTIMO ( InterMedia) and strategic university program CMC

gokstadboat projectThe Gokstadboat web-project started as part of MULTIMO project and continued as part of my postdoc project RENAME at Department of Media and Communication 2004-2008. The main idea for the design of this website was to use the points of doubts during a reconstruction of the third Gokstadboat, as points for building the information architecture for the documentation material from the process.

Instead of making a time line, or a thematic structure – the project then focused on the controversies and ambivalence as main points for communicating the practice of doing cultural heritage research by reconstructing objects.

The project was related to dr. art Terje Planke postdoc project at Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Language, University of Oslo.