Picture 114RENAME – Research – Narrative and Mediation was a post-doc project at Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo 2004-2008. The project focused on digital mediation of intangible cultural heritage and knowledge traditions related to reconstruction of the the third Gokstadboat and the historical connection to wooden boat traditions on Norway. The project focused on digital media and digital cultural heritage communication by way of three aspects:

1. Digital media as tools for research documentation

2. Archiving digital empirical visual material according to guidelines in CIDOC, and making this available for mediation on websites

3. Exhibition design integrating mobile telephones and social media. As well as involving young visitors actively into the exhibition by inviting into reflexive activities based on collecting and sharing digital material from the exhibition with their mobile phones

The project was financed by the strategic programme CMC- Competence and Media Communication at University of Oslo 2004 – 2008

See also Mobile interactions Vikingship Museum and Studio Exhibition

Publications from the project:

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